Superfecta Key The Key Wager requires the key horse to finish FIRST with any combination of three or more horses finishing second, third and fourth. For example, if your key horse is #5 and your other horses are number's 2, 4, 6 and 8, you will win if #5 finishes FIRST and three of your other four horses finish second, third and fourth.
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May 05, 2018 · If you managed to bet the superfecta, you’re looking at a nice $1 payout of $19,618.20. The $2 exacta pays $69.60, while the $1 trifecta pays $141.40. The win, place and show amounts can also be ...
A 'Key Box' bet includes all possible combinations of selected 'key' horse(s) when combined with other 'non-key' horses in a box bet. For Example, a $1 Trifecta Key Box: 1/2, 3, 4 This Key Box wager would cost $18.
Superfecta Box You play four horses. They must finish first, second, third, and fourth in ANY order. Since this has multiple wagers in combination, it is a $1 minimum wager at most tracks and some even go as low as 10 cents for the minimum! Superfecta Key You play four horses.
Exotic Wager Calculator computes the total number of combinations and total cost of placing a bet on a single, boxed or multi selection Superfecta-4, Trifecta, Exacta and Quinella bet type. This manual will step you through the installation, registration and usage of Exotic Wager Calculator.
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Sep 04, 2020 · It also allows you to key horses you like at the top so you can throw more darts at the crapshoot that is the fourth position. Superfecta payouts in the Kentucky Derby can be massive . The $0.10 minimum superfecta is new to the 2020 Kentucky Derby (the previous minimum bet was $1). Superfecta Horse Bet- You must select the first four horses in the exact order of finish. Learn how to make a superfecta bet on horses online at All Horse Racing
Superfectas may be the most misunderstood wager in horse racing. Seasoned horseplayers often ignore the superfecta pool, even when it means passing up potentially huge payouts. Many people simply ...
Superfecta Shop; Refine. Superfecta Shop. 13 followers mike33913 (1131 mike33913's feedback score is 1131) 100.0% mike33913 has 100% Positive Feedback. Welcome to my ...
Aug 30, 2020 · A Derby superfecta backwheel key is not as expensive as it was previously. Bettors who do not believe in Major Fed or the options can substitute other horses in those slots. The main point is to discuss how to construct the backwheel key and why some bettors use this structure, rather than to make a final ticket without the draw available.
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Easy to read and easy to use. Best Bets win on average greater than 33% of the time and return at a flat bet profit for most tracks over the course of a season, Winners are in the top three picks 75-80% of the time. Suggests highly profitable exacta, trifecta, superfecta, double, pick three, pick four, pick five and pick six combination bets. Dec 28, 2020 · Parx Racing Race 8 Result, Monday, 28th December 2020. Make your one stop destination for daily horse racing picks, market movers and expert opinion.
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Example: Tell the clerk, "Give me a $1 trifecta key 1 with 3/7/10 with 3/7/10." To calculate the cost of the bet, multiply the number of possible horses in each position by the dollar amount bet. In the above example, the cost would be 1x3x2x$1=$6.
May 18, 2019 · The key to hit the super will be in the first three slots. We can’t use too many horses in any of the first three slots or the super becomes way too costly. Either Owendale or Improbable finishing second is the key to hitting the 2019 Preakness Stakes superfecta.
The key part of playing the superfecta involves how you build your ticket and what sticks out as the focus of your wager. For example, if you like four horses in the race, you can box them and it will cost you just $2.40 for 10-cent tickets or $24 for a $1 base wager.
Superfecta Shop; Refine. Superfecta Shop. 13 followers mike33913 (1131 mike33913's feedback score is 1131) 100.0% mike33913 has 100% Positive Feedback. Welcome to my ...
Mar 21, 2020 · The key part of playing the superfecta involves how you build your ticket and what sticks out as the focus of your wager. For example, if you like four horses in the race, you can box them and it will cost you just $2.40 for 10-cent tickets or $24 for a $1 base wager.
Dec 10, 2020 · In horse racing, a trifecta bet is a wager that names the top three finishers in order. It's known as an "exotic" bet in many circles since it requires the identification of more than one finisher. The most traditional ticket only wins if the three named horses finish in the exact order set out by ...
A Superfecta Wheel bet is picking sets of horses to finish first, second, third and fourth. Each set is called a key. Each key contains 1 or more horses. Two Superfecta Wheel Bets. Superfecta Full Wheel - Put one horse in the 1st key with all other horses in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th keys. Alternatively, wheel 1 horse in either the 2nd, 3rd, or ...
Superfecta Calculator. In a Superfecta, you are selecting the top four horses in exact order of finish. Superfecta Part Wheel You can key one or more horses in any of the four positions. If you like a particular horse, you may want to key that horse on top. $1 Superfecta Key:
If bettors think Major Fed cannot reach second, but third or fourth is in play, then a superfecta backwheel key along with the trifecta makes more sense. But the third slot of the superfecta backwheel could become more complicated as it brings more horses into play. It all depends on the budget and how much the bettor wants to spend.
Key To Cashing a Superfecta. The key to cashing a superfecta is pace. As outlined in my previous article, Pace In Your Face, pace is predicting which horses will lead early and which will be picking up the pieces at the end of the race. In the past five editions of the Derby, the winner has never been further back than third at any point of the ...
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May 01, 2019 · Superfecta for the 2019 Kentucky Derby. I am going to give out 2 superfecta picks but these are very difficult to win especially in this race where there are 20 horses. The first one I like is Omaha Beach, Game Winner, Maximum Security, and Improbable (5-7-12-16). These 4 horses all have pretty low odds, so it is a more realistic possibility.
Tri-superfecta tickets shall be sold in not less than $2 denominations; however, the association may elect to offer $1 tri-superfecta wagers in multiple wagers, such as box, wheel, key or rundown, provided each transaction has a minimum value of $2.
I will choose wagers that I feel can help maximize profits. Beyond traditional Win, Place, and Exacta wagers, this might include Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, Trifecta, and Dime Superfecta wagers, depending on the situation. (Final updates are accessible via download or e-mail 30-60 minutes before first post).
The key to superfecta wagering is to cover as many of the probable outcomes as possible without spending a fortune. This is not easy when you consider that in an 8-horse field there are 1,680 (8 * 7 * 6 * 5) possible winning superfecta combinations. A $1 box of all possible winning superfecta combinations in an 8-horse field would cost you $1,680.
Apr 28, 2016 · By J. Keeler Johnson ("Keelerman") Twitter: @J_Keelerman. Anyone that has ever played the trifecta or superfecta in the Kentucky Derby knows that finding live longshots is the key to hitting those...
Oct 13, 2014 · To understand what a trifecta wheel is in horse racing and sports betting we first obviously need to understand what a trifecta is.Luckily, that’s simple - a trifecta is a bet you can make where ...
Superfecta betting is based on the pari-mutuel wagering system, which means there are no odds involved. Instead, payouts are based on the size of the betting pool and the number of winning tickets. Here's a simplified example to demonstrate. Let's say that 1,000 people have all bought a $1 superfecta ticket for a race.
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Picking key horses for trifecta bets or even exacta wheels requires good handicapping skills or you must buy the information from a reliable provider of horse racing handicapping services. The only way to figure out which bet is the better bet, the wheel or box, is to experiment with your own picks to see how often you can isolate one good ...
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Jul 12, 2020 · A superfecta is similar to the exacta and trifecta play but adds the fourth-place finisher into the mix. As with exactas and trifectas, you can play the wager straight, boxed or keyed. But, as with exactas and trifectas, when you add more horses and combinations to your ticket the cost also goes up.
Superfecta betting is very attractive because many tracks have reported six-digit payouts, and many of them have given five-digit payouts on $2 tickets. Superfecta bet With a Superfecta bet you are selecting the top four finishers in the race in order. This is the hardest of the single-race exotics and yields the highest payouts.
Superfecta: A wager in which the player attempts to select the order of the first four finishers in a race. Due to the difficulty of this wager, a winning superfecta wager generally pays out at high odds. Tag: Claiming price. A horse entered for a "tag" is entered in a claiming race.
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Superfecta Shop; Refine. Superfecta Shop. 13 followers mike33913 (1131 mike33913's feedback score is 1131) 100.0% mike33913 has 100% Positive Feedback. Welcome to my ...
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